Aba landlords petition EEDC over crazy bills

The landlords in the commercial city of Aba have petitioned against the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, (EEDC), over what they described as crazy bills including forcing consumers to repair damaged electric transformers.
They accused the EEDC of enslaving Aba residents with estimated and spurious bills, alleging also that the company uses security personnel, including Army, Police and members of Civil Defence Corp “to compel the residents to pay for blackout”.
In a petition submitted to the Abia State House of Assembly, which recently passed a vote of no confidence of the EEDC, the Landlords said the company was frustrating the business community of Aba.
In the petition which they have earlier submitted to the National Assembly, Aba Landlords also accused the company of deliberately refusing to install prepaid meters for Aba consumers.
“So we want to create avenue to stop them from charging us with estimated bills to meet up with their monthly target, hence the people pay more for electricity consumption than we pay for house rents,” said the landlords.
“Enugu has prepaid meters, Anambra has standard meters which are read and bills given accordingly, Abia must be so”.
“We want the Abia House of Assembly to compel EEDC to stop the use of force, high handedness and intimidation of the poor, innocent and civil citizens of Aba”.
The landlords also urged the House to ask the company “to refund the entire excess bill to the respective consumers and to refund 12 months payment to all consumers and return all cables they cut and carted away from Consumers.
Receiving the petition, the Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Chikwendu Kalu commended the landlords for speaking out on what they are passing through in the hands of the company, saying that the matter of the activities of the company is before the House.
The Speaker said, “EEDC has failed; there is no doubt about it. They have failed woefully; there is no way we can move forward without power and organizations like EEDC cannot provide this. We have not gotten it right,” the speaker said.
Kanu said that the House is planning to have an interface with the regulatory body, NERC, to mount pressure on them to find out if EEDC has met its mandate and if they have not, the regulatory body should think of revoking the license.


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