Wellness brings succor to humanity

Wellness for Humanity pastoral Counseling and Spiritual direction services exist to enhance and facilitate your life journey of coming home to your real and authentic self. Wellness for Humanity ministry a nongovernmental organization is healing and human capacity through spiritual psychology and medical resuscitation.
The spiritual director, Wellness for Humanity Ministry, Rev. Dr. Augustine Momoh, stated this in an exclusive interview with Daily Times in Ibadan.
This service to humanity according to him is run by the Dominican Order of Preachers of the Province of St. Joseph the Worker Nigeria and Ghana.
“Wellness acknowledges that life is a process of coming home to ourselves, which continually invites us to deeper levels of healing and growth. On the journey , we may experience difficult situations, hard times and feelings which seem overwhelming,” he stated .
The Spiritual director stated that overwhelming situations may trigger negative psychological variables that may require one to seek counseling or spiritual direction.
“Pastoral counseling affords one an opportunity to work through ones reality with another, in supportive climate of wellness that fosters ones growth and healing. In Wellness Ministry, counseling and spiritual direction are taken holistically in its approach, attending to and integrating body, mind and spirit in the process of healing and growth,” he said.
“Wellness Spiritual Director will work you in the following issues which include vocational problem, traumatic stress, unresolved grief and unforgiveness, frustration and self-esteem, mid-life crises, relationship issues, sexual problem, family and marriage problems, Anger. Guilt and Anxiety.
“Others are confusion and resentment, trauma, excessive fear, panic attack, hearing of voices or talking to oneself, constant failure in life or living a life without direction, depression, terrible night mares dreams, involvement in occultism and spiritism.
Spiritual Direction
“We help those who need spiritual transformation, those who want to experience stages of Christian conversion, group spiritual guidance, holy longing, deeper relationship with God and fellow humans, improved prayer life and peace of mind, spiritual intimacy and family problems. In all these, Wellness helps you to experience your holy longing and faith in Jesus Christ,” he said.
Meet Rev.Bro. Dr. Augustine Momoh
Rev.Bro. Dr. Augustine Momoh is a Dominican Friar of St. Joseph the Worker, Nigeria and Ghana. He holds Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Certificate in Education. A Master degree in Systematic Theology. A master Degree in Christian Spirituality and Pastoral Care, Loyola University U.S.A, He is a specialist on Christian Mysticism and pastoral care. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Theology at Howard University Washington DC, USA. He is a specialist on spiritual healing and Demonology. He is a highly balanced counselor with whom complicated demonic and abnormal psychological cases are treated. He is a member of the Dominican Itinerant Preaching Team and the Spiritual Director of the Wellness for Humanity Ministry. He is a Spiritual Director of Souls. He is a leader and one of the Chaplains of Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria.


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