Wellness for Humanity Ministry (WFHM) touches lives

The Wellness for Humanity Ministry, (WFHM) has been touching lives of the needy in Nigeria and overseas.
WFHM is a charitable non-governmental organization established in Nigeria, committed to healing the human community through authentic human development and capacity building. “We hope to develop human potentials through vocational, psychological, spiritual and medical resuscitation.”
Speaking on its activities, the Spiritual Director, Rev. Dr. Augustine Momoh, said “over the years, Wellness for Humanity Ministry has helped individuals develop their God-given potentials through spiritual, psychological, educational empowerment and medical resuscitation. We sponsor children from poor homes to secondary and university education. We provide counseling and safe environment for HIV infected individuals especially the youths. We empower widows in their struggles to care for their children and meet their daily needs. Wellness provides pastoral care, spiritual direction and counseling to people who are confused. We alleviate the suffering of individuals by providing conventional medicine for the sick and sometimes, alternative medicine is provided for their well-being.”
“As a charitable organization, we believe that human capacity building may not be totally realized without creating a safe environment for physical, psychological and spiritual development of the human person,” he added.
Wellness is a member of WANGO, World Association of non Governmental Organizations under the United Nations Public Affairs Division. “Wellness executives have attended many of the International conferences organized by WANGO, and has a special study interest of healing the human community through spiritual, psychological and medical resuscitation,” stated the Spiritual Director
This bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model adopted by Wellness for Humanity Ministry for authentic human development and capacity building is in consonance with the United Nations call to Global Healing, including the ethical imperatives for sustainable development.
He listed the Key Principles of the call to Global Healing to include: Human life is sacred and has intrinsic value regardless of the value judged by humans, conserving biodiversity is in the best interest of both humans and other species. Science has taught us that human beings could not survive without the support of other plants and animal species and each person and segment of a culture has the responsibility to contribute in their own way to building a culture of global healing.
Kofi Annan (2002), during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, “indicated that the summit would open up a new chapter of responsibility, partnership and implementation”.
The implementation has to begin with the government but government alone may not be able to actualize a sustainable development without the contributions of other bodies. In this light, Wellness for Humanity Ministry, with other non-governmental organizations within and outside Nigeria are working hard towards the realization of sustainable human development.
Both local and international communities have helped to sustain the Wellness dream. Years ago, Wellness acquired a fifteen acre piece of land under Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria, for its permanent site, which will be commissioned soon.
The initial donation for the project was given by the Welters Foundations, USA, Raphael Holmer and his wife especially their daughters Kristi and Susan, Wellness friends, and St Louis USA. The construction of water tanks and drilling of industrial borehole on the land was donated by the United Nations Women Guild of Vienna. A sixteen seater Haice bus was donated to Wellness by a Nigerian family. Wellness needs permanent structures of medical out patient clinics, retreat centers and hall for conferences and hostels to accommodate clients and counselees. We are aware of the enormous task ahead. But sustainable human development and capacity building require investment on human person.


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