Peace Customers groan over poor services

Customers of Peace Currier services, a subsidiary Peace Mass Transit have been groaning over poor services of the currier arm of PMT.
A customer Ossai Igwe, who couldn’t bear the poor services and arrogance of some of the staff of the company, told ChichetNewsOnline that an item was sent to him from Ogrute since Saturday. The item which is believed to be perishable goods moved on Sunday and was taken to Agboju instead of Charity, the destination. Since that Sunday the staff in Agboju office of PMT could not deliver the item to Charity office where the item should be picked.
“I carried out investigation and got the number of the Man in Charge of operation who confirmed that he got the complain this morning Wednesday, May 24 ,2017 and promised that the items would be taken to Charity this morning. But nothing happened till this evening before I called him again and I told him that I would go to press with this story. He apologized but swiftly threatened court action if I go to press with this story. I begin to wander why the threat when the company has failed to deliver its services as promised before being engaged,” he said.
“Anyway, if any of the items sent to me perishes on the way before getting to me the company will pay for it”.
This poor service he said is not only limited to Lagos but all over the country. A source who spoke to Daily Times on the condition of anonymity said an item was sent to Aba from Ogrute and it took several days before it could get to Aba office for pick up.
One begins to wander if these complain of poor services ever get to the Managing director and Chairman of Peace Mass Transit whom is believed to be vibrant and lively business man.


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