Lagos CP urged to investigate police extortion in Mafoluku

The Lagos State Commissioner for Police, Fatai Owoseni, has been called upon to investigate police extortion in Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos.
Speaking to The Daily Times, Ossai Igwe, who has painstakingly observed this anomaly in the area alleged that the extortion by some police men are on the increase.
He, therefore, called on the police authority to investigate the matter and bring those culpable to book.
Narrating his experience, Ossai told Daily Times that some men who parade themselves as police men numbering up five or more, are always at the Junction at Ogunyinka Street linking 7 and 8 Bus Stop, Airport Road, where they usually operate.
The men, according to him, usually wore plain clothes at the junction, where they extort money from innocent citizens, particularly commercial motorcyclists, popularly called, Okada, and their passengers in the name of searching for Yaho Yaho boys.
He said, |”Sometimes, the policemen operated in twos wearing plain clothes. .
He asked: “If they are men of Criminal Investigators Department (CIDs), don’t they know the hideout of criminals rather than harassing innocent citizenry.”
Oga, “I Believe these men are on illegal duty because the District Police Office ((DPO) of Makinde Police Station will never send them on such duty. This is how they operate, they will flash their ID cards and said, we are police men and they will start interrogation and searching,”
They also operate on Mafoluku Juntion close to Zenith Bank on the Airport Road, sometimes close to Church of God mission on the same junction. Sometimes are at Ayo Bus stop in the name of stop and search. They always fly cars and motorcycles down to search the people, looking for anything thing that will incriminate them. Some of them go on Motorcycles moving round every looks and cranny of the area.
Let the CP send his men or direct the Headquarters of Criminal Investigation Department in Panti to investigate these men as they are tarnishing the image of the police force.


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